893.61/1–1646: Telegram

The Counselor of Embassy in China (Smyth) to the Secretary of State

119. ReDeptel 200 [2070], December 27, 1945.2 Text of note from Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated October 26, 1945 on subject of technical collaboration in agriculture and forestry between China and the United States is as follows:

“I have the honor to state that a despatch dated October 15, 1945 has been received from the Executive Yuan quoting a petition received from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to the following effect:

‘As postwar technical collaboration in agriculture and forestry between China and the United States is significantly related to Chinese reconstruction in the fields of agriculture and forestry and to the reciprocal exchange of agricultural products between China and the United States, preliminary discussions were conducted with the authorities of the United States Department of Agriculture by Dr. Tsou Ping-wen, the Ministry’s representative in the United States,3 and Mr. Hsieh Chia-sheng,4 director of the Central Agricultural Experiment Station, whereby the support of the former was obtained. A draft proposal for technical collaboration in agriculture and forestry between China and the United States has been drawn up by this Ministry and is submitted herewith for your consideration. The Executive Yuan instructs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to conduct the necessary negotiation with Government of the United States.’

Chinese and English copies of the proposal for technical collaboration in agriculture and forestry between China and the United States is forwarded herewith for your attention. It is requested that the same be submitted to the Government of the United States to be dealt with. The courtesy of a reply will be appreciated.”

Exact text of draft proposals referred to as enclosure to foregoing note being sent airmail.5 Abbreviated text thereof follows: [Page 1269]

Ministry Agriculture and Forestry, with approval National Government, proposes initiate program technical collaboration in field of agriculture and forestry with assistance United States Department Agriculture and to this end a formal invitation is extended from National Government of China to United States Government with hope it be given early attention. Specifically Ministry Agriculture and Forestry suggests following points for consideration Agriculture Department:

American Mission of 8 experts to be sent to China sometime between January and April 1946;
Of above 8 experts 2 should be well experienced for general advice on over-all program and to assist Ministry in laying out and initiating technical program, 1 to advise on general agricultural research the other on agricultural economics. These men expected to stay in China from 4 to 6 months.
Other 6 experts should be specialists in following fields: tung oil, carpet wool, tea, silk, fisheries (fresh water and marine), soya bean processing especially for improving food values.
These 6 specialists to remain in China minimum period 3 years and if possible 5 years unless provision is made for suitable substitutes.
Recommendations made by Mission for consideration Chinese Government may include participation by American Government in long term program agricultural development through supply of personnel and funds. Recommendations of Mission calling for such personnel and funds are recognized as not binding in any way on American Government. Likewise it is not incumbent on Chinese Government to carry out entire program adopted unless it has funds to do so.
The 8 specialists should be chosen by the American Government in consultation with the Government of China.
The American Government is requested to meet salaries of 8 specialists and their traveling expenses to China and return.
Chinese collaborators will be appointed by National Government to work with American specialists. Traveling facilities in China for official work of American specialists as well as all incidental expenses incurred during travel will be supplied by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Housing facilities for specialists and their families in China will also be supplied by same Ministry.
As part of long term program of technical collaboration it is suggested that American Government arrange a technical training program for Chinese students in the United States by granting of fellowships to be agreed upon from year to year.
In order to make this Mission and its recommended program a complete success, National Government of China will do its utmost to facilitate work of specialists as well as to appropriate necessary funds for it.

It is hope of National Government of China that above proposal be given most favorable consideration by the United States Government and that appointment of mission be made an early reality.

  1. Not printed; the Department requested the Embassy to telegraph the text of petition from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture (893.61/10–3045).
  2. Chinese Representative to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.
  3. Also known as K. S. Sie.
  4. In unnumbered memorandum of January 5 from Owen L. Dawson, Agricultural Attaché not printed.