892.014/7–1646: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Harriman) to the Secretary of State


6718. Wilson-Young has shown us copy message sent to British Embassy, Washington, last night instructing it to approach Dept at once23 concerning Siamese-French disputes. This message proposes question on disputed territories be submitted to International Court [Page 1034] rather than Security Council and is in line with French ideas as reported by American Embassy, Paris, in its 3452 [3453] to Dept.24

Wilson-Young says British feel strongly this is best solution of matter and they are concerned about reports from Bangkok that Stanton on Dept’s instructions has urged Siamese to submit dispute to Security Council at once. Presumably Stanton’s action referred to was in response to Dept’s 571 to Bangkok,25 repeated London as 5330. Wilson-Young raised question as to just how Siamese would submit matter of disputed territories to Security Council and will Siamese say “our continued occupancy is a threat to the peace”? If not, under what basis will matter come before Council? British feel Siamese have not thoroughly considered all implications of submitting question to Security Council and that best results for everyone would be for matter to go before International Court.

Sent Dept 6718, repeated Paris 528.

  1. The approach by the British Embassy was made on July 16.
  2. Dated July 13, 11 p.m., not printed; it reported that Mr. Baudet had informally and unofficially informed Mr. Caffery that the French Foreign Office was seriously considering submission of the question of the disputed territories to the International Court rather than to the Security Council (892.014/7–1346).
  3. See footnote 18, p. 1031.