Memorandum of Conversation, by the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Vincent)

Participants: His Excellency Mr. Roxas, President-elect of the Philippine Commonwealth;
Mr. McNutt, High Commissioner to the Philippines,
Mr. Acheson,
Mr. Vincent

The President-elect called at 3:15, accompanied by Mr. McNutt.28

[Page 878]

During the course of the conversation Mr. Roxas mentioned the various treaties that are now being prepared in the State Department for the establishment of relations between the United States and the Philippines. He said that he would be glad to look these treaties over while he was here and to take drafts back with him to Manila. He expressed confidence that the treaties as we drafted them would be acceptable to the Philippine Government but that there might be minor suggestions which he could assure us we would have within a week after his return to Manila.29

  1. For statement by President Truman on the visit of president-elect Roxas and their meeting on May 10, see Department of State Bulletin, May 19, 1946, p.867.
  2. In response to Mr. Roxas’ request that the United States represent Philippine interests abroad after July 4 until the Philippines was ready, Mr. Acheson replied affirmatively and suggested that a formal approach on this subject be made after Mr. Roxas assumed office. (704.11B00/5–1046) On May 15 Mr. Roxas indicated he would not have time to discuss proposed general commercial treaty and Executive trade agreement drafts due to preoccupation with the proposed military base treaty and other matters (611.11B31/5–1546); texts were subsequently sent to Manila for presentation. (711.11B2/6–2546; 611.11B31/6–1746, 6–2146; 711.11B/6–2446, 6–1346).