711.60H/1–446: Telegram

The Ambassador in Yugoslavia (Patterson) to the Secretary of State


11. Vice Premier Kardelj and Minister of Information Kosanovic told Fraleigh1 and me “semi-officially” on Tuesday night that Marshal Tito2 would like to go to America for talks with President and the other American officials. They said Marshal believes that these talks would enable him to iron out many difficulties and misunderstandings between US and Yugoslavia. Kosanovic said Marshal thought good time for visit from his point of view would be soon after formation of new Yugo Republican Govt which will be completed by February first. Kosanovic said he thought Tito would like him to go too although naturally who made up Tito’s party would depend on nature of invitation from US Govt. Assistant Fon Min Velebit told Fraleigh today that Tito had spoken to him all about projected trip to America. Velebit added that both he and Marshal thought it would be helpful. According to Velebit primary purpose would be to discuss American conditions for loan to Yugo as well as to present Yugo point of view on political and economic questions.

  1. William N. Fraleigh, Second Secretary of Embassy.
  2. Josip Broz Tito, Marshal of Yugoslavia, Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense in the Yugoslav Provisional Government, March 1945–January 1946 and in the Yugoslav Central Government formed February 1, 1946; General Secretary of the Yugoslav Communist Party and President of the Central Committee of the People’s Front of Yugoslavia.