Memorandum of Conversation, by the Acting Secretary of State

Participants: Dr. Oscar Lange, Polish Ambassador;
Dr. Litauer,
Dr. Rajchman,
Mr. Zoltowski,
Mr. Dean Acheson,
Dr. Elbridge Durbrow,
Mr. C. B. Elbrick and
Mr. Robert G. Hooker, Jr.

The Polish Ambassador, accompanied by the Polish officials noted above, called at the Department today for the purpose of exchanging notes concluding negotiations for a credit to Poland.25 After the exchange of notes by which a credit of $40,000,000 was authorized, the Polish Ambassador thanked us for the interest shown by the American Government in the rehabilitation of Poland, as evidenced by the present credit and stated that this action would further unite the two countries.

Dr. Rajchman asked if the Polish Embassy could be given a copy of our press release26 in order that it might be cabled to Warsaw and [Page 436] issued simultaneously there. It was explained to Dr. Rajchman that our release was unilateral and should have no effect upon whatever release the Polish Government might wish to issue. It was pointed out that the American Government was only interested in the publication in Poland, as well as in the United States, of the notes exchanged. The Polish representatives assured me that the notes would be published in Poland and indicated that they had been concerned about the press release, since it was their understanding that announcement of the authorization of the credit was to be made simultaneously in the two countries. They were informed that that was not our understanding, and they agreed to publish their own release along with the notes when publication takes place in Poland.

I reminded the Ambassador of Dr. Rajchman’s promise to supply texts of all trade agreements entered into by the Polish Government or to indicate in writing any such agreements which are now inoperative. The Polish representatives agreed to this.

  1. For texts of the notes exchanged on April 24, see Department of State Bulletin, May 5, 1946, pp. 761–762.
  2. For text of the press release issued by the Department of State on April 24, 1946, on the occasion of the exchange of notes of the same date, see ibid., p. 761.