860d.51/8–1446: Telegram

The Minister in Finland (Hamilton) to the Secretary of State


579. Yesterday afternoon shortly after receipt urtel 177, August 12, Hulley called on Virkkunen Foreign Office and communicated substance thereof. This morning I saw Associate Foreign Minister [Page 245] Svento and went over same ground with him. When he raised question of Graesbeck proceeding now to USA in private capacity to look after his private business I strongly advised against it. Have now received assurances from Svento that Finnish financial mission will not be sent to USA at this time and also that Graesbeck will not proceed at this time even in private capacity. Foreign Minister8 expressed hope that misunderstanding which had occurred would not affect adversely US goodwill toward Finland and I expressed personal view it would not.

As indicating importance Finnish Govt attaches to matter, it was taken up yesterday afternoon with Cabinet members now here and with President9 and Foreign Minister took it up again with President this morning.

Virkkunen and Graesbeck left for Sweden today. Virkkunen will proceed London on other business and Graesbeck probably will go to Paris.

  1. Carl J. H. Enckell.
  2. Juno K. Paasikivi.