740.00119 Council/8–346: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of State, at Paris

us urgent

3844. Secdel 588. Membership Committee SC organized last week begin substantive discussion Monday.16 (Reur 3805, August 3—Delsec 770)17 Procedure favored generally Committee but Russia not agreed [Page 423] discuss private session each application chronological order received Albania, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Trans Jordan, but not vote finally on any application until all reviewed preliminary stage. We believe above procedure will be followed.

In addition above countries UN announced receipt Irish application yesterday. Portugal tells us they filed yesterday and Iceland informs filing today. Siam also expected file.

Sweden has not yet acted. They have been attempting but unable obtain outright advance assurance from Soviets. Do not know what they will do. In conversation with Johnson, Gromyko has not committed himself but implied fairly clearly they tie applications together. We think almost certain necessary vote affirmatively Albania, and probably Mongolia to obtain admission Iceland, Portugal, Eire and Sweden if latter applies. We are prepared finally if necessary to do this but British thus far show no indication do likewise. Above is key situation. May be difficulty with French on Siam. China dislikes Mongolian application but will probably follow us. Dutch and others appear unenthusiastic on Albania and Mongolia.

In Committee next week we intend stall and reserve position on Albania and Mongolia at least until we know Sweden’s decision and probably through initial series of discussions which may smoke out Soviets somewhat. We will frankly tell what concerns us about Albania and indicate need of better information Mongolia.

At proper moment will probably be necessary attempt strike bargain Soviet possibly other prominent members anticipating objective affirmative vote all states listed with our agreeing vote for Albania and Mongolia if they vote for the three and four Western European neutrals.

Sent Paris; repeated New York for Herschel Johnson.18

  1. The Committee on the Admission of New Members of the Security Council was convened on July 31 and held its last meeting on August 20. Summaries of the sessions of the Committee, found in the Daily Summary telegrams of the United States Delegation, Series 501.BC, Department of State Central Files, are not printed. The report of the Committee to the Security Council is found in United Nations, Official Records of the Security Council, First Year, Second Series, Supplement No. 4, pp. 53–148, annex 7; hereafter cited as SC, 1st yr., 2nd series, Suppl. No. 4.
  2. Not printed. The Department had been requested to “telegraph the latest developments concerning application for United Nations membership, summarizing the present status and giving an estimate of the probable chances of each state.

    “If we should not accept Albania’s application, have you any information to indicate how this might affect the chances of other applicants?” (740.00119–Council/8–346).

  3. Repeated to New York as telegram 151.