740.0011 E W /2–445: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru (White) to the Secretary of State

122. Herald Tribune story12 re President and six Associated Nations published this morning’s press. Peruvian Ministry is making no statement.

Foreign Minister summoned me today to state that meeting of Congress impossible in view of local political situation. It was accordingly proposed to make a statement similar to that of Colombia dated November 26, 1943 against Germany.13 This referred to aggression and consequent necessity taking measures for defense, which, however, should not interrupt normal constitutional course of juridical institutions.

Proposed Peruvian statement would refer to Lima, Habana and Rio Conferences;14 recite actions performed of belligerent nature, declare that these acts amounted to belligerency as also intention to sign United Nations Declaration.

Peruvian Government naturally does not wish to make this announcement unless previously assured by Department that it will fill the billet. Foreign Minister cited last paragraph of President’s letter15 in support of this proposal.

He seemed to think Venezuela would adopt similar line.

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  3. The reference is to the resolutions of the Eighth International Conference of American States at Lima in 1938, and to the Second and Third Meetings of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the American Republics at Habana in 1940 and at Rio de Janeiro in 1942, respectively.
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