867N.01/12–3145: Telegram

The Minister in Saudi Arabia (Eddy) to the Secretary of State

449. Foreign Minister has just brought me following message from King to transmit:

The resolution regarding Palestine passed by Congress disturbed the King deeply. He is convinced that Congress must have been deceived by Jewish propaganda, for certainly so august a legislature would not wittingly pass resolutions so unjust and so contrary to democratic principles.

The King has received many telegrams from pious Muslims in all parts of the Muslim world expressing their outraged feelings when they received news of the resolutions.67

  1. The Secretary of State, in telegram 7, January 5, 1946, 8 p.m., authorized Colonel Eddy to inform the King that “a concurrent Congressional resolution such as the one recently adopted on Palestine does not have legislative force. It is merely an expression of the two houses of Congress but in nowise binds the Executive.” (867N.01/12–3145)