Memorandum by the Acting Secretary of State of a Telephone Conversation With the Ambassador in China (Hurley), Temporarily in Washington

Ambassador Hurley telephoned me and expressed his desire to make a report on the Chinese situation when the Secretary returned from London,67 at which time he thought it would be desirable to [Page 570] have the Secretary, Mr. Hurley and myself present at the White House. Mr. Hurley also suggested that General Wedemeyer, who is in Washington at the present time, also come in on the conference unless there is some objection by the State Department to his presence at this first meeting. Mr. Hurley stated he has been on the closest terms with General Wedemeyer notwithstanding some reports to the contrary and has found him a very able person and most cooperative. Mr. Hurley thought that since General Wedemeyer is going back to China we might wish to give him all the background from the very start, but stated this was only a suggestion.

Mr. Hurley stated there was a tremendous job to be done out there and now that Russia has agreed to support Chiang it was more essential than ever that we have Chiang’s confidence. Mr. Hurley stated that he himself felt unable to go back as he was tired and in need of a rest and thought the post needed a young, vigorous man to cope with all the problems there.

I told Mr. Hurley I would see the Secretary immediately after his return and would let him know about the arrangements for the conference with the President. Mr. Hurley stated he could be reached at National 1447 through his secretary, Mrs. Carter.

Dean Acheson
  1. Secretary Byrnes was attending the first meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers.