Records of the Office of the Political Adviser in Japan, Lot 57–F103, 800 Korea: Telegram

Major General A. V. Arnold 54 to General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, at Tokyo55

Tfymg 406. Bequest WARCOS56 authority to send commission of 6 Korean civilians to Washington for 2-month period to negotiate with Governmental and private foundation agencies within the fields of agriculture, industry, medicine, education, and commerce in an effort to obtain US rehabilitation aid. Funds will be provided by MG of Korea. Also request Cmdr G. Z. Williams 78214 USNR be assigned for temporary duty with this commission. Williams will return to US for readjustment [reassignment] in near future.

The six Koreans selected for this commission are: Lee Hoon Koo, Lee Ylung Sul, Cho Pyung Ok, Chang Lee Wook, Lah Ka Ho, Ko Whang Kyung.

Approval also requested of following educational program: 10 civilian educational specialists to come from US to Korea, 58 Koreans to go to US for undergraduate study, 30 Korean doctors to go to US for internship, 2 Boy Scout leaders to go to US Scout Executive Training Schools, 220 Korean educators to go to US to observe US education, and 15 US teachers to come to Korea. If approved educational representatives of commission could work out details at Washington.

Langdon concurs in foregoing and requests State Dept be notified of this radio.

  1. Military Governor of (south) Korea.
  2. Copy transmitted by General MacArthur to the Chief of Staff on December 4.
  3. Chief of Staff, War Department.