SWNCC 212 Series: Telegram

The Joint Chiefs of Staff to General of the Army Douglas MacArthur, Tokyo

Warx 84704. Your CA 5331234a refers.

Status of foreign governments and basis of your transactions with neutral countries covered in Warx 7787234b already sent you.
Status of foreign nationals of both neutral countries and countries with which United Nations were at war now under consideration by State-War-Navy Departments and Joint Chiefs of Staff.
State Department has no information on arrangements between neutral powers and former enemy countries for the protection by the former of property or funds of the latter. Request full information countries involved and whether protection is based on formal protocol. If no formal arrangements involved, you should require prompt dissolution of understandings and proceed according to paragraph 45, subparagraph [a]34c (2) of financial section of overall directive.34d
  1. October 15, p. 753.
  2. October 22, not printed. It instructed SCAP to direct the Japanese Government not to carry on relations with neutral states except in accordance with procedure established by SCAP. It also stated that neutral nations might designate a representative to maintain contact with SCAP and diplomatic missions to Japan should not exist. (SWNCC 212 series)
  3. Brackets appear in the original.
  4. Political Reorientation of Japan, p. 438.