740.00119 Control(Japan)/11–645: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Barriman) to the Secretary of State

3776. Close translation of Russian phraseology of paragraphs mentioned in my immediately preceding telegram is as follows:

“For the purposes of control over the execution of the terms of surrender of Japan and for the purposes of consulting with and advising the Supreme Commander in relation to the implementation of terms of surrender and the occupation for Japan …”.11
“Each member of the Allied Control Council (Allied Control Commission) may be accompanied by an appropriate staff consisting of military and civilian representation.”
“He will consult and advise with the Council upon orders involving questions of principle in advance of their issuance. If there is disagreement on the part of one of the members of the Council with the Supreme Commander (or his deputy) on questions of principle such as a question on a change in the regime of control over Japan or a question regarding a change in the composition of the Japanese Govt, regarding the dissolution of a Japanese Govt and replacement of it by another—the decision of the Supreme Commander on these questions shall be withheld from execution until agreement on these questions has been reached between Govts or in the FEC (Far Eastern Commission).”
“The formulation of policies, principles and standards, in conformity with which the fulfillment by Japan of its obligations in correspondence with the surrender document may be defined.”
“The Commission in its activity will proceed from the fact that an Allied Control Council (Allied Control Commission) for Japan has been established and it will take into consideration the existing control machinery in Japan including the entire chain of command from the Govt of the USA to the Supreme Commander and the execution by the Supreme Commander of command over the occupational armed forces.”

  1. Omission indicated in the original telegram.