740.00119 P.W./6–445

Memorandum by the Acting Director of the Office of Strategic Services (Buxton) to the Secretary of State

The following information, transmitted by the OSS representative in Bern on 2 June, is a sequel to a memorandum dated 12 May 1945 concerning an alleged Japanese peace feeler. The source of the information is the same German authority on the Far East who is considered anti-Nazi but pro-Japanese:

Source is in touch with Fujimura, who is understood to be one of the principal Japanese naval representatives in Europe and a former Assistant Naval Attaché in Berlin. Fujimura is reported to be in direct and secret contact by cable with the Japanese Minister of Marine [Navy?]12 and is believed to enjoy the confidence of the Japanese Government.

Fujimura indicated to source that the Navy circles who now control[?]13 the Japanese Government would be willing to surrender but wish, if possible, to save some face from the present wreckage. These Navy circles, he declares, particularly stress the necessity of preserving the Emperor in order to avoid Communism and chaos. Fujimura emphasizes that Japan cannot supply itself with basically essential foodstuffs and is dependent upon Korea for sugar and rice. He also insists that Japan needs to retain some of its merchant marine for necessary food imports.

G. Edward Buxton
  1. Adm. Mitsumasa Yonai, Japanese Minister of Navy. (Brackets appear in the original.)
  2. Brackets appear in the original.