800.142/12–1145: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)

2497. Amcross preparing to move approx 2000 tons relief supplies now stored Vladivostok in WSA61 vessel. Supplies will be moved southward, food parcels having been sold British and Dutch. Other supplies will be used at various points Far East. Soviet authorities should be notified of plans to avoid delay in loading when ship arrives at Vlad[ivostok]. Inform Consulate Vlad.

Amcross interested in closing accounts regarding POW operations. Statements have never been received from Soviet authorities regarding transshipping costs at Vlad in Nov 1944, warehousing, and other charges for that shipment and supplies now stored Vlad. Inform Soviet authorities Amcross desire settle these accounts and suggest that they render statement at their convenience.62

  1. War Shipping Administration.
  2. In telegram 2588, December 20, the Department advised that WSA ship Edward J. Berwind had left Portland, Oregon, on December 9 and should reach Vladivostok by the end of the month. After unloading its cargo, it would be available to take on the stored relief supplies, all of which would be discharged at Shanghai consigned to the American Red Cross (800.142/12–1145). In Moscow the Red Cross was attempting to obtain from the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Trade a statement of the charges to date for warehousing, labor, and other costs.