711.94114 Supplies/1–1845: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman)36

128. ReEmbs 173, January 18. Department gratified at Soviet Government’s willingness to arrange further transfer of relief supplies at Nakhodka.

Inquiry has revealed that Soviet shipping authorities on Pacific Coast have not as yet been authorized to accept further supplies for shipment to Vladivostok. In view of the time required for such supplies to reach Vladivostok, it would seem necessary that shipment be made immediately. Request Soviet authorities to authorize their shipping agents in the United States to accept a further shipment. Department hopes this authorization will permit shipment of up to 2,000 tons. In this connection and with reference to negotiations now in progress between Soviet and Japanese Governments regarding despatch of Japanese vessel to Nakhodka, convey to Soviet authorities this Government’s hope and desire that Japanese ship to be sent will be of sufficient size to take aboard at least as much as did Hakusan Maru and preferably more.

  1. The substance of this telegram was transmitted by the Embassy to the Soviet Foreign Office in a note on January 22.