864.4016/6–1245: Telegram

The Representative in Hungary (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State

143. I handed Minister of Foreign Affairs today memo17 in sense of your 70, June 4. He read statement carefully and expressed great satisfaction with position of US Govt as therein set forth.18 I intimated subject was under discussion with Allies and he expressed hope agreement among them would lead promptly to concrete action to prevent continued indiscriminate expulsion of Hungarians particularly from Slovakia. Govt’s information though incomplete indicated some 20,000 Hungarian speaking persons had already been expelled in conditions of great destitution while a group perhaps numbering 10,000 was being kept in internment camps in Bratislava. This situation was particularly ironical inasmuch as there had been proportionately more sincere collaborationists among Slovaks than even in Hungary. Hungarian Govt had scrupulously withdrawn all [Page 932] post-1938 Hungarian officials from territories annexed under Vienna award19 but members of Hungarian speaking group continued to be expelled without adequate humanitarian provisions. Sanitary conditions in Bratislava Camp he said are reported extremely bad. He estimates there are about 500,000 Hungarian speaking people in Czechoslovak territory excluding Carpatho-Ukraine.


[For additional documentation dealing inter alia with the question of the transfer of Hungarian populations from Czechoslovakia, see note 7539/II/S/1945 dated July 3, 1945, from the Czechoslovak Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the Chargé in Czechoslovakia, telegram 144, August 2, 1945, from Praha, note No. C.20.532/45/II dated August 16, 1945, from the Czechoslovak Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the Ambassador in Czechoslovakia, and telegram 226, September 14, 1945, from Praha, volume II, pages 1261, 1266, 1269, and 1275, respectively.]

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