875.01/11–1545: Telegram

The Acting Representative in Albania (Fultz) to the Secretary of State

197. Soviet note which contained no conditions relative recognition was published November 10 in special edition Bashkimi. Hoxha’s reply published in edition next.

Bashkimi published November 10 and 11 accurate information re British and American Govts opening subject recognition indicating text American note had been delayed in transmission. However, no mention made these issues contents or text British note. Hodgson has expressed dissatisfaction with non-publication British note and stated November 14 was considering making a protest to Hoxha.60 In meantime Hoxha has replied to British apparently accepting all conditions.61

Delivery of text American note November 12 announced but nothing appeared concerning text note or Hoxha reply. In view treaty provision and situation re copies is not likely text will be published until definite reply to US note can be given (re our 191, November 12).

Meantime although last date filing candidacies for election was November 7 Govt appears to have extended time limit (re our 192, November 1262) at least one independent filed for candidacy Tirana Prefecture since November 7 and since information one [on?] recognition released November 10. This undoubtedly reflects reaction to British and American notes conditions of which with respect elections widely known here through BBC63 and other broadcasts.

General feeling of population seems one of relief that uncertainty has been removed and independent status of Albania as a country.

Sent to Dept as 197 repeated to Rome as 20 for Jacobs and to Bern for Jacobs.

  1. Telegram 4142, November 19, 9 a.m., from Caserta, reported that the Albanian Government on November 17 published in full the British and American notes to the Albanian Government and the replies to both documents (875.01/11–1945).
  2. Telegram 4105, November 13, 11 a.m., from Caserta, transmitted the text of the Albanian Government’s reply of November 11 to the British note regarding recognition (875.01/11–1345).
  3. Not printed; it reported inter alia that the registration of candidates for election to the Albanian Constituent Assembly on December 2 was closed on November 7 in accordance with the electoral law; it observed that many independent candidates had probably failed to register because of the prevailing uncertainty, and the timing of the Allied notes regarding recognition had worked against them (875.00/11–1245).
  4. British Broadcasting Corporation.