740.00119 Control (Italy)/10–2345: Airgram

The Ambassador in Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

A–876. Reference my A–665, dated August 31, 1945.4 The Allied Commission has made available a copy in English translation of a message addressed to Colonel Alfred C. Bowman, Senior Civil Affairs [Page 1207] Officer for Trieste, by the General Committee of the Slovene-Italian Anti-Fascist Union. In the message, the Union appeals to Colonel Bowman to convey to the “International Commission arriving upon the injunction of the Five Foreign Ministers’ Conference in London to ascertain the ethnological conditions in the Julian March … the categorical will of the whole Slovene-Italian Anti-Fascist Union which represents the entire Slovene-Croatian population and the majority of the Italian population in the Julian March and Trieste”, that all of Venezia Giulia be “annexed to the Democratic Federative Yugoslavia”.

The message encloses a resolution of the General Committee of which the following are the salient points:

“The whole of the Slovene population and the majority of the Italian population in the Julian March including Trieste” want to unite “their destinies with the ones of the people of the Democratic Federative Yugoslavia”.
The Union declares itself opposed to a frontier line that would destroy the unity of the area. “The new democratic Federative Yugoslavia will guarantee national rights to all people in this state and build a real basis for fraternal collaboration among peoples”.
The Union endorses the proposal made by the Yugoslav delegates at the London Conference to bestow “on the town of Trieste the position of seventh Federative State of the Democratic Federative Yugoslavia”.

  1. Not printed.