840.414/5–2545: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser for Germany (Murphy)

22. Mr. Justice Jackson, United States Chief of Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality,78 has requested Department’s assistance in making available all pertinent material from its files and other available sources for use in preparation of case against Axis criminals. Scope of prosecution will be very broad undertaking to indict Nazi Germany of criminal plan for war of aggression and [Page 1112] conquest. Desired material covers diplomatic, political, economic, military, social and psychological fields of Nazi action. Department has made available to Justice Jackson’s staff material transmitted with your Despatch 415 of May 2579 and will make available any other pertinent material as received here.

Please request Krumpelman80 and Perkins to be on lookout for material of probable interest to Justice Jackson in their search of Foreign Office files.

It has been suggested to Justice Jackson that best procedure to obtain desired materials from captured German archives would seem to be through direct liaison with SHAEF G–281 Document Centers. We understand such arrangements are being made by Justice Jackson. It is suggested that our men contact Jackson’s group through G–2.


[Telegram 34, June 28, 1945, 5 p.m., to the United States Political Adviser for Germany, stated that because of the termination of the CIOS organization the Department’s CIOS investigators on political targets, Perkins, Collins, Wittausch, Krumpelmann, Reynolds, and Carpenter were assigned directly to the staff of the United States Political Adviser for Germany. Mr. Perkins at the end of July left to return to Washington and Mr. Krumpelmann became head of the Department of State group investigating the German Foreign Office records at Marburg.]

  1. For documentation regarding prosecution of Axis war criminals, see pp. 1151 ff.
  2. Not printed.
  3. John T. Krumpelmann, member of Department of State CIOS Team.
  4. Army general staff section dealing with intelligence.