740.00119 E.W./11–2345: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Caffery) to the Secretary of State

6755. From Angell No. 74.

“Monetary gold found in Germany. The Paris Conference on Reparation recommends:

That all the monetary gold (including gold coins) found in Germany to which restitution claims could be asserted, be considered as looted gold in conformity with implications of United Nations Gold Declaration of Feb 22, 1944;45
That this monetary gold be pooled for distribution among countries participating in the pool as restitution in proportion to their respective losses of gold to Germany;
That without prejudice to claims by way of separation for un-restored gold the portion of monetary gold thus accruing to each country participating in the pool be received by that country in full satisfaction and liquidation of all claims against Germany for the restitution of monetary gold;
That the powers occupying Germany be supplied with detailed and verifiable data regarding the gold losses suffered through German acts of spoliation by the various countries participating in the pool and
That the powers occupying Germany be requested to take appropriate steps to implement distribution in accordance with the foregoing.”

  1. See footnote 15, p. 1379.