740.00119 Council/12–2445: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Acting Secretary of State 48

4265. Delsec 25. From the Secretary for the President, We have reached complete agreement as to the peace conference and resumption of the work on peace treaties with Italy and enemy Balkan States. China has concurred. We have not definitely heard attitude of France but I hope to talk with Bidault this afternoon and secure the agreement of France.

In my first conversation with Stalin on the peace conference he supported Molotov’s position but later Stalin telephoned making concessions which made possible our agreement. As a result of a long conference with Stalin yesterday afternoon, I now hope that we can make forward step towards settling the Rumanian-Bulgarian problems. We also discussed the Chinese situation, Iran and atomic energy. As a result of our conversation, I hope that we will this afternoon be able to reach some agreement on these issues. Yesterday Molotov held out for complete subordination of the Atomic Energy Commission to the Security Council, making it a subordinate agency of the Council and objected to any reference to a plan being developed by stages. We are in general accord as to Far Eastern issues. The situation is encouraging and I hope that today we can reach final agreement on the questions outstanding and wind up our work tomorrow. [Byrnes.]

  1. Marginal notation on file copy indicates that this telegram was sent to the White House on December 24.