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4th meeting

12.00 For Mins
ERS chmn



ERS: We have a hard fight in U. S. on particip. in Un. Ns Org. Polish sit. is of great importance to us from psych, point of view at this time. So hopes with all heart we can settle this Pol. matter before we break up in a manner which will be acceptable to the world.

  • 1. Dropped Pres. Commission idea
  • 2.
    Mol. spoke of reorg. of Pol. Govt
    Brit, formula suggests formation of a fully representative provisional govt
    We: govt of national unity
  • All of us agree Pol. Govt should include 3 elements—Lublin, democrats in Pol. & abroad

Proposal Present Pol. Gov’t be reorganized to include Pol. democrats in Pol & abroad & be called Provisional Govt of Pol. Dem. Unity Pol. Commission in Mos. to consult in first instance Lublin Govt & Polish leaders in Pol & outside

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Be pledged hold free elections, universal suffrage & secret ballot as soon as practicable

When Pol. Govt of Nat Unity is formed 3 Govts recognize Ambs. of 3 powers in Warsaw be charged report on holding of free elections


ERS presented proposal

Point 1 acceptable

Point 3 add should consider 20,000,000,000 as a basis—final figures to be arrived by Commission

ERS: We think that figure should be taken into consideration. We can accept it as a basis for discussion.

Eden not prepared to mention any figure

Mol Maisky wants figure for Sov. share mentioned.

ERS Can’t commit U. S. to any figure but as said before personally thinks it is a reasonable figure

Mol. Could it be mentioned as a basis for discussion also

ERS: suggests 50% as basis for discussion

Mol: No objection but should not insist on 50% may be more or less, but figure would have significance. Distribution of total sum may be different.

ERS Can’t go further at this time

Maisky means 1938 prices

Eden: What of effect of dismemberment

Maisky Might affect annual payments—initially lower perhaps— but not total

ERS 10% or 15% variation that applied to Hung.

M: possibly

Agreed can mention 50% applies to 20,000,000,000


ERS presented draft invitation

Understands we are agreed U S permitted to consult China & Fr before


ERS Agreed—to sub-committee but reserved re terr. trus.

ERS: We do not contemplate any detailed discussions re particular islands or territorials but do wish to establish right of org. to deal with this & to set up machinery

Mol. Agreed

Ed. Why mention it?

ERS Agreed to eliminate it in invitation.

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Understood we will take it up at Conf. & meanwhile among us at dip. level


Mol. Brit. did not object at D. O

Ed. Agrees & should be in report to plenary session


Ed. mentioned his paper ERS said we agree


ERS Can we say U S–S U agree. Brit don’t


Committee to prepare statement


New draft by Brit.

Mol. Can only give prelim. answer. Try to give final answer by 4:00. Mustn’t say put too much in this formula, mustn’t put in what we can’t say without consulting Poles. 1st amend.: say based on Lublin Govt 2. Leave out reference to Ambs in War.2—offensive to Poles—indicate they are under control Q. of formula not important—q of agreement is

Ed: The 3 Govts consider that a new sit. has been created by the complete lib. of Pol by the Red Army. This calls for the est. of a fully repres. Provisional Govt which can now be more broadly repres. than was recently poss. This govt should comprise members of Lub Govt etc Should be called Prov. of Nat Unity

Mol. Can’t leave out statement Govt is based on present one

proposes: The present Pol. Govt be reorg. into a fully repres. Govt based on the present govt & incl. etc

ERS Must be entirely new

Might say based on Lub & on etc

Mol. Will be very diff to deal with Poles Can’t do that when no auth. or stability in Pol.

ERS Present gov’t would go on during the negs. until new govt is formed.

Mol But Poles will know negs are going on & will know present govt won’t last long—make it weak & make negs last long That impossible sit. for Red Army

Mol.: Ed. proposal incompatible with his own Must discuss this proposal with Poles

ERS What about name of new govt?

Mol. We can consider this.

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Report we have discussed matter & will continue it later. & were unable to agree on this feature.

Harriman Asked reconsider based on Lub & other

Mol Negative

  1. From penciled notes in longhand. For citations to pertinent documents, see the preceding Page minutes of this meeting.
  2. Warsaw.