Frankfurt USPolAd Files—500 Potsdam Conference

No. 868
United States Delegation Working Paper1

Proposed Directive to U.S., U.S.S.R. and U. K. Commanders-in-Chief Concerning Immediate Economic Tasks in the Occupation of Germany

In order to secure the fulfillment of the minimum objectives of the occupation of Germany, the U. S., Soviet and U. K. Commanders-in-Chief will advocate in the Control Council the formulation and prompt execution of a uniform program in the following fields:

Development of exports for the purpose of
Meeting a reparation program as formulated by the Reparations Commission.
Meeting urgent external needs for relief and reconstruction.
Providing means of payment for Germany’s minimum import.
Immediate attention should be given to the export of coal and to removals of railroad rolling stock and live stock.
Formulation of a single program of minimum required imports for Germany as a whole and determination of basis for sharing procurement and financing responsibility.
Establishment of machinery to assure equitable distribution of available supplies within Germany.
Establishment of uniform ration scales within Germany.
Formulation of immediate steps to secure adequate agricultural and coal output, essential repair of internal transport and emergency repair of housing and utilities.
Formulation of initial measures for curtailment of metal, chemical and machinery industries to conform to minimum, peacetime needs.
Uniform regulation and control of currency, credit and public finance.
Uniform frontier controls and recording of movements of persons and goods.

  1. Authorship not indicated.