Pauley Files

No. 857
United States Delegation Working Paper1

Probable Soviet Amendments to German Paper

The last part Article 9:2 “The Control Council shall permit to remain under the administration of central institutions or shall transfer to administration by such institutions.” (sentence incomplete in Russian.)
Article 10, first sentence: “In the establishment and maintenance of administration in the economic sphere the German authorities shall to the fullest extent practical be ordered to carry out such administration.”
Article 11: “With respect to the German economy Allied control will be carried out but only to such an extent as may be necessary:”
Article 13 (1): “which are required for (a) the discharge of Germany’s reparation obligations; (b) the maintenance of occupying forces or displaced persons; (c) the maintenance of the standard of living in Germany.”
  1. This paper, apparently a United States Delegation translation of informal or tentative Soviet suggestions, is not referred to in the minutes, and may relate to negotiations in the Economic Subcommittee. A notation in manuscript reads: “official file copy, Russian Proposals”.
  2. The articles referred to are the numbered paragraphs of document No. 852.