740.00119 Control (Hungary)/7–1645: Telegram

No. 794
The Special Assistant to the Director of European Affairs (Reber) to the Director of European Affairs (Matthews)1

34. For Matthews from Reber.

New “order of procedure” for ACC Hungary in second period set forth in Voroshilov’s note to Genl Key2 meets main point of our proposals (Deptels 1168 May 283 and 1391 June 234 to Moscow) by providing for tripartite agreement on ACC directives on “principal questions” and tripartite participation in meetings of various ACC subdivisions (Retels 2815 and 2866 July 13 from Budapest). Other minor points we proposed are also included, (such as frequent and regular meetings, free movement of our personnel in Hungary, rapid clearances for entry of planes and couriers) but the wording of these clauses is not entirely satisfactory. Reference in clause 2 to mixed commissions is not understood, as this phrase appears neither in existing statutes nor in our suggested revision.

[Page 688]

We believe Soviet note offers real basis for agreement on reorganized ACC. However, since original statutes were negotiated by three Allied Governments, their revision should be result of further negotiation and agreement of all three and not of decision of Soviet Govt alone. If agreement in principle on truly tripartite ACC, which seems possible on basis of Soviet proposals, can be reached at Potsdam, we think detailed working out of statutes might well take place at Moscow after Conference or at Budapest.

Dept is suggesting to Schoenfeld that he and Key send you any further comment they may wish to make after further study of the Soviet note.

  1. Sent to the Secretary of State at Babelsberg over the signature of Grew.
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  6. This message transmitted a translation of note No. 428 from Voroshilov to Key. For variant translations of this note, see document No. 796 and the annex to section xii (xi) of document No. 1383.