London Embassy Files—101 (Austria) Control Machinery

No. 772
United States Delegation Working Paper1


Memorandum for the Secretary

Subject: Approval of the Two Agreements on Austria.

The four-Power Agreement on control machinery in Austria3 was approved by the European Advisory Commission on July 4 and transmitted to the four governments for their consideration and approval. Similarly the agreement on the zones of occupation in Austria and the administration of the city of Vienna4 was approved by European Advisory Commission on July 9. (The texts of the two agreements are attached).

On July 12 the British representative on the European Advisory Commission5 stated that his Government had approved both agreements. The French representative6 stated that his Government approved the agreement of July 4 and would shortly approve the agreement of July 9.

Since April the American Government has been pressing for the conclusion of these two agreements. The Zones Agreement comes into force as soon as it is approved by the four Governments and the control machinery agreements [sic] comes into force at the same time, provided it too has been approved by the four governments.

The two agreements conform in every respect to the instructions which were despatched to Ambassador Winant in the course of the negotiations. In view of our interest in expediting the establishment of Allied control and occupation in Austria I suggest that you will wish to approve the attached telegram7 instructing Ambassador Winant to inform the representatives of the other three Governments [Page 669] of American approval of the two agreements. I have consulted Mr. McCloy who concurs in this recommendation on behalf of the War Department.

  1. Prepared for Dunn’s signature. It seems probable that the final text of this memorandum (not found) was similar in form to document No. 1033 and was the paper signed by Truman on July 20. See ante, p. 176.
  2. So dated in a manuscript notation.
  3. Document No. 282, printed in vol. i.
  4. Treaties and Other International Acts Series No. 1600; 61 Stat, (3) 2679.
  5. Sir Ronald I. Campbell.
  6. René Massigli.
  7. Not attached. See document No. 776.