701.0066A/7–144: Telegram

The Acting Representative to the French Committee of National Liberation (Chapin) to the Secretary of State 74

2221. From Murphy. AFHQ has informed General Alexander’s75 Headquarters that it may be assumed by this time that all enemy diplomats accredited to the Holy See who are not yet inside the Vatican City either cannot be accommodated there or do not wish to enter the city. Accordingly they should be removed to a safe place as soon as appropriate arrangements can be conveniently made and held until provisions can be made for their ultimate repatriation. This is to be carried out in conformity with instructions already issued that due regard should be given to their status as diplomats.

AFHQ has requested a complete list of enemy diplomats to be [Page 1322] repatriated from Vatican which I will report as soon as received.76

Sent to Department as No. 2221, repeated to Naples for Kirk as number 27. [Murphy.]

  1. Apparently this telegram was sent in answer to the Department’s telegram 176, June 10, 1944, not printed. The Secretary had inquired concerning the present status of Axis diplomats: whether safe conducts to depart from Italy had been authorized or whether they had moved into Vatican City.
  2. Gen. Sir Harold R. L. Alexander, Commander in Chief, Allied Armies in Italy.
  3. A marginal note dated July 4, 1944, from Mr. Gowen to Mr. Fullerton reads as follows: “Myron Taylor should know that we agree. We had better get his comments and recommendations, I believe. F.C.G.”