740.0011 European War 1939/34041: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

2580. This is Tittmann’s 131, April 13.

My 116, April 2.29 Since Holy See had apparently received no communication from us presenting our side of case in matter of bombing of Monte Cassino, I decided to leave informally with Monsignor Tardini, Under Secretary of State, substance of Department’s 868, March 6, to Bern (received here April l).29 This I did on April 3.

I have now received a memorandum (appunto) dated April 12 from Secretariat of State stating that after taking note of report of Allied Commanders in the field as furnished by me, Holy See can only confirm what it had already told me, namely that some Moxas [Monks?] and the Abbot remained in Abbey up to last moment ever watchful that nothing might compromise safety of Monastery; and that all of these without hesitation both orally and in writing have given formal assurances to Holy See that no German soldier or combattant nor observer was inside precincts of Abbey and that no military installations were there.

Memorandum is first official document I have received from Holy See on subject. [Tittmann.]

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