740.00119 ACI/8–344

The Acting Secretary of State to the American Representative on the Advisory Council for Italy (Kirk)

45. Your 96, August 3, 4 p.m.89 Your understanding of this Government’s policy in avoiding unnecessary interference in Italian politics is correct. With the exception of our interest in the de-fascistization of Italian administration, this Government does not wish to become involved in the various changes which will normally occur in the Italian cabinet during this transition period. Within the general framework of our desire to assure the Italian people a representative, anti-Fascist Government the Italian political groups and the Government should be allowed to work out the composition of the cabinet and to make changes when considered desirable with minimum foreign interference.

In conversations with your colleagues along these lines, you might point out the limitations on the effectiveness of an Italian official who had been “approved” by foreign powers and the damage to the prestige of the present Government if such a procedure were required by the United Nations.

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