Roosevelt Papers: Telegram

President Roosevelt to Prime Minister Churchill1


Number 619, personal and secret, from the President for the Prime Minister.

Replying to your 779,2 7803 and 781,4 I am informed by my Office of Military Intelligence that the fighting Poles have departed from War saw and that the Germans are now in full control.

The problem of relief for the Poles in Warsaw has therefore unfortunately been solved by delay and by German action and there now appears to be nothing we can do to assist them.

I have long been deeply distressed by our inability to give adequate assistance to the heroic defenders of Warsaw and I hope that we may together still be able to help Poland be among the victors in this war with the Nazis.

  1. Sent by the White House Map Room to the United States Naval Attaché, London, via Navy channels, after Roosevelt had approved the text. See ante, p. 189, fn. 5.
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  4. Not printed herein. See ante, p. 188, fn. 3.