701.0090/1884: Telegram

The Minister in Switzerland (Harrison) to the Secretary of State

5263. American interests—Far East repatriation. Legation’s 4933, August 13 and 5242, August 26. Foreign Office note August 26 states Swiss Minister Tokyo has reported that verification with Japanese authorities of lists of persons to be repatriated not yet finished. During examination of lists Japanese Foreign Office verbally informed Swiss Minister that 16 Philippine citizens will be deleted from list persons to be repatriated from Shanghai (Department’s 2056 August 24) as Japanese Foreign Office refuses authorize their repatriation.

[Page 917]

Foreign Office further deleted names 15 seamen for Japanese Government observes same principle as Australian Government which according to practice adopted by majority of belligerents treats civilian seamen as prisoners of war according article 81 Geneva Convention and does not allow their participation exchanges.

Finally Swiss Minister reported:

Notwithstanding new representation Japanese Government refuses authorize repatriation Ernest Leroy Healey due 4 years sentence pronounced against him for espionage.
Refusal authorize repatriation Stuart, Bowen and Houghton maintained, no reason given.
Japanese Foreign Office states Karl von Wiegand99 too ill travel.
Japanese Foreign Office intends increase number of persons to be repatriated from Hong Kong.1

  1. International News Service correspondent.
  2. In telegram No. 5274, August 27, the Minister in Switzerland reported that the Japanese Foreign Office had deleted the names of 14 additional Americans for “special reasons” (701.0000/1910).