The Secretary of State to the Spanish Ambassador (Cárdenas)

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to His Excellency the Ambassador of Spain in charge of Japanese interests in continental United States and has the honor to refer to the Embassy’s communication of May 4, 1943 and to subsequent correspondence regarding the proposed second exchange of nationals of the United States, the other American republics, Canada and Japan, particularly the Embassy’s memorandum of June 15, 194341 transmitting a list of 145 additional Japanese nationals to be repatriated from the United States in the forthcoming exchange.

As requested by the Japanese Government in the final sentence of the annex42 to the Embassy’s memorandum of May 4, the United States Government has reexamined the lists of the Japanese nationals named by the Japanese Government for repatriation and has prepared and encloses in duplicate a list42 of Japanese nationals willing to be repatriated. These persons, selected according to the United States Government’s understanding of the wishes of the Japanese Government regarding the priority of individuals, number 1248. With the reservation of spaces for Japanese to be embarked from other American countries the list totals 1502 individuals.

It is expected that additional Japanese from the following categories of persons will be added to the attached list:

Persons named in the enclosure to the Department’s memorandum of May 26, 1943, as they are found and if they agree to be repatriated.
Any individuals not already included in the enclosed list who were named in the Japanese Government’s list of 145 additional Japanese nationals to be repatriated on this exchange and who upon being identified and located agree to be repatriated.
Persons yet to be identified and brought to the port of embarkation, who are listed in the new group of 10 international merchants to be repatriated from Peru and Bolivia.

As the persons in the foregoing categories become available for inclusion in the passenger list they will be added thereto and will be given embarkation preference over other Japanese having lower priority.

In view of this evidence of the United States Government’s efforts to meet the wishes of the Japanese Government with respect to the composition of the sailing list for the forthcoming exchange of nationals, the United States Government desires to know whether the Japanese Government is willing to undertake to effect the exchange of nationals at Marmagão on or about September 15. In that event the United States Government would arrange to have the Gripsholm leave New York on or about August 1 and proceed to Rio de Janeiro and to Buenos Aires to take on board the additional Japanese to be repatriated from the other American republics.

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