861.24/1717: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Harriman) to the Secretary of State

9. Crowley’s67 statement regarding Lend-Lease supplies to Soviet Union in first 10 months of ’43 receives 4 inches in Washington despatch dated January 2d in Moscow newspapers for January 3. Total figure of three billion five hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and breakdown into war, industrial and food supplies are given. Crowley is quoted to effect that growth of aid is indicated by fact 63 percent more supplies furnished Soviet Union first 10 months of ’43 than in whole of ’42. Supplying of 7,000 planes, more than to any other country, is reported. Figures are given for tanks, machine guns, trucks, automobiles, field telephones and mileage of field telephone wire.

  1. Leo T. Crowley, Administrator of the Foreign Economic Administration, with which the Office of Lend-Lease Administration had been merged as of September 25, 1943.