851B.20/171a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General in Martinique (Malige)

29. To be decoded by Malige. Admiral Battet80 left Washington this afternoon for consultation with Admiral Hoover81 at San Juan. He will then proceed to Fort-de-France by Navy plane in an endeavor to persuade Admiral Robert to abandon his attitude of rigid neutrality. He has been fully informed of the present situation, including Robert’s personal guarantees to Vichy. You should render him all appropriate assistance, if so requested, but you should make no mention of the impending visit or take any action until instructed by Admiral Hoover.

  1. Rear Adm. Robert Battet was loyal to the French North Africa group headed by General Giraud.
  2. Adm. John H. Hoover, Commander in Chief of the United States Navy in the Western Atlantic.