740.0011 Moscow/3461

Memorandum by the American Members of the Moscow Conference Committee on Iran

In connection with British declaration No. 1, the American members of the sub-committee on policy in Iran suggest that the third sentence of the second paragraph be amended to read as follows:

“As one means of implementing these undertakings, the three Governments will support, in collaboration with the Iranian Government, the efforts of the various foreign advisers, groups and agencies which are working with the Iranian Government to relieve the existing economic difficulties of Iran and to improve security through the strengthening of Iranian governmental authority.”

In connection with British draft declaration No. 2, the American members suggest the issuance by the Secretary of State of the United States of a parallel statement as follows: [Page 120]

“American military organizations in Iran consist solely of technical and administrative units, whose only function and purpose is to expedite the transportation of supplies from overseas to the Soviet Union in furtherance of the war effort of the United Nations, among whom Iran is numbered. The United States has no combat units in Iran; its forces do not in any respect constitute an army of occupation, and they endeavor to interfere as little as possible with the normal life of the Iranian people. They will be withdrawn as soon as the necessity for their presence ceases to exist, and in no case will their withdrawal be later than six months after the cessation of hostilities between the United States and its enemies in the present war.”

  1. In the numbered documents of the Moscow Conference, located in this file, the memorandum printed here is document 29.