860H.01/424: Telegram

The Ambassador to the Yugoslav Government in Exile (Biddle) to the Secretary of State

Yugoslav Series [No.] 8. My despatch No. 33, November 3. In a radio address broadcast last night on anniversary of foundation of Yugoslavia, King Peter included following passage:

“The Yugoslav State as a whole will be revived, for this is required by the permanent and vital interests of all of us, Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, and the peaceful future of Europe.

It goes without saying that the new Yugoslavia will, by the will of her people, have a constitution which will sufficiently protect the particular interests of narrower communities and also secure the unhindered strengthening of the common foundations. Freely and with full knowledge of what they are doing, our people will pronounce in full sovereignty on all the problems which confront them. One thing is already certain, without regard to the manner in which our community will be organised: all citizens, whatever their religion or nationality, will be guaranteed the same political, economic and spiritual opportunities of life and action, grounded on an equality of rights for all.”

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  1. Despatch No. 35, December 2, not printed.