811.20 Defense (M) Portugal/194

The American Minister in Portugal (Fish) to the Portuguese Minister for Foreign Affairs (Salazar)19

No. 831

Excellency: With reference to the note no. 36, which Your Excellency was so good as to address to me on August 24, 1942, 1 have the honor to confirm that the document enclosed therein, the agreed English text of which is annexed hereto, setting out the understanding arrived at regarding the supply of wolf ram to the United States and the United Kingdom during the period from March 1, 1942 to February 28, 1943, is acceptable to the United States Government.

I understand that the British Ambassador is informing Your Excellency that the attached document is also acceptable to His Majesty’s Government, and I agree that Your Excellency’s note under reply, this note and my British colleague’s note should be regarded as constituting an agreement between the three Governments, entering into force as from today.

Accept [etc.]

Bert Fish
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Minister in Portugal in his despatch No. 573, August 25; received September 1.