860D.6359 International Nickel Co./45: Telegram

The Minister in Finland (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State

1150. We learn from excellent source that annual production capacity of refinery at Petsamo Nickel Mine is estimated at 5000 tons of [Page 97] metal,57 although as suggested in my 1106, November 16,58 apparently plant is not yet in operation.59

  1. The Minister had reported in telegram No. 611 of July 24, 1942, that the Petsamo Nickel Mine was working at full capacity; that Germany obtained practically all of the nickel concentrate, but that “strangely enough Germans through deficient refining process were not getting as much out of this concentrate as they might.” (860D.24/211)
  2. Not printed.
  3. The British Commercial Counselor in Stockholm (Mitcheson) had told the Secretary of the American Legation in Finland (McClintock) that although the refinery was constructed it was not yet functioning. While much of the construction material was being shipped through Sweden, he had arranged for “certain of the bits and pieces” to be “lost” in transit. Although these had been replaced, “someone had contrived to provide wrong lining for electrolytic tanks and in consequence plant is still incapacitated.” (860D.6359 International Nickel CO./43, 44)