840.50/436: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant) to the Secretary of State

2750. Personal to the Secretary. While was home we discussed sending over three or four men who are studying post-war financial and economic problems on an unofficial visit to carry on informal discussions in order that we might be informed on British needs. We also agreed that when the time came for a more formal approach to this problem, the initial meeting should be held in Washington. I suggested Acheson21 and Hawkins22 for the preliminary visit. You mentioned Pasvolsky.23 I am more convinced than ever that this would be a wise procedure. Eden is very keen to have us go through with it, as are other friends here. The picture would not be complete, however, without some contact with the British Treasury and urged Secretary Morgenthau to send Harry White.24 He was reluctant, however, to lose his services for even a short period of time and I have been troubled that he might not permit him to come though you approved of the State Department representatives coming. I wish very much that you would urge him to send White and that you would give your approval of this preliminary survey. The present is the best time for such an undertaking.

  1. Dean Acheson, Assistant Secretary of State.
  2. Harry Hawkins, Chief of the Division of Commercial Policy and Agreements.
  3. Leo Pasvolsky, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State.
  4. Harry Dexter White, Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury and Director of Monetary Research.