893.24/1340: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Gauss) to the Secretary of State

622. I report the following as indicative, if not representative, of a trend of thought in certain intelligent nonpolitical Chinese circles: In connection with the present press and official campaign for military aid to China, a Chinese landlord businessman commented to Vincent22 that Russia must be considered a much more vital theater of the war than China, that only such material aid as was not needed in Russia should be diverted to China, that if Russian resistance collapses a successful termination of the war could be well nigh impossible whereas if Chinese resistance collapsed it would still be possible to achieve victory, and that he therefore hoped, together with many other thinking Chinese, that we would not be diverted by the Chinese clamor for assistance from giving all possible aid to Russia. He said that the economic situation, rather than the military, was the Chinese Government’s most urgent problem.

  1. John Carter Vincent, Counselor of Embassy in China.