800.85/292a Suppl.: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Chiefs of Mission in Certain American Republics25

Refer Department’s circular telegram of August 7 regarding plan for immobilized shipping. The Inter-American Advisory Committee has requested a reply by August 30, and the Department requests that you urge the Government to which you are accredited to answer affirmatively, supporting this plan which is in the interests of all of the American Republics. The country to which you are accredited is not directly concerned, in that no immobilized vessels are in its ports, but it is of the greatest importance that all of the American Republics stand together in support of this plan which is so important to the commerce of each of them.

  1. Sent to Bolivia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Paraguay. Also sent to Costa Rica and Ecuador with the word “serviceable” inserted before “immobilized” in last sentence.