893.24/1193: Telegram

The Ambassador in Japan (Grew) to the Secretary of State

1748. Embassy’s 1747, November 5, 9 a.m.36 Following is text of Embassy’s letter published in this morning’s Japan Times and Advertiser:

“To the Editor: While it is not the usual practice of the American Embassy in Tokyo to take public cognizance of inaccuracies appearing in the press with regard to the policies and actions of the United States, the Embassy is constrained, under present circumstances, to depart from that practice in respect of certain specific charge[s] put forward in the editorial of the October 31 issue of Japan Times and Advertiser. It was alleged therein that the United States had presented at Chungking certain demands which, if accepted, would create a mortgage on China, these demands, specifically, begin [being]: First, exclusive rights to maintain and utilize four unnamed naval bases in China to be retained in the postwar period, and, Second, the adoption by China of certain economic measures which would result in the virtual economic domination of China by the United States.

The American Embassy is authorized to say that these charges are without foundation in fact and are, therefore, wholly imaginary.

The Embassy would appreciate your courtesy if you would be so good as to bring the foregoing statement to the attention of your readers.

The American Embassy, Tokyo, November 4, 1941.”

Sent Department via airmail to Shanghai.

  1. Not printed.