711.94/2295: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Leahy) to the Secretary of State

1184. Rochat33 this afternoon inquired as to the progress of our “negotiations” with the Japanese. He went on to say that the Foreign Office has a strong impression that these “negotiations” are about to reach a successful conclusion and the French Government is therefore quite anxious with respect to the future status of Indochina. He said that Henry-Haye some days ago had been instructed to call the Department’s attention34 to the fact that France’s present agreements with Japan permitting military occupation of various points are clearly stated to be provisional and temporary in character; the French very much hope therefore that in any agreement which we may conclude with Japan the complete evacuation of Indochina by Japanese forces when the “war emergency” is finished shall be clearly stipulated. Rochat added that the French feel that such evacuation is definitely in our interest but they are nevertheless anxious lest we may agree to permit the present temporary modifications of the pre-war status quo to take on a permanent character. Henry-Haye had discussed this situation with Hornbeck,35 he said, but several days ago in view of the importance which the French Government attaches thereto he was again instructed to discuss the situation personally with the Secretary. Rochat is hopeful that the Ambassador may be given an interview as soon as possible in view of the prevailing impression here that our talks with the Japanese are very far advanced.

  1. Charles Rochat, Secretary-General of the French Foreign Office.
  2. See memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State, September 12, vol. v, p. 287.
  3. Memorandum of September 9, not printed.