340.1115A/788: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Bullitt)

583. Your 1001, June 3, noon.83 Your understanding that no aliens will be permitted to embark on Washington until after all American citizens have been accommodated is correct. Order of embarkation should be as follows: First, American citizens, including their alien spouses if any and unmarried minor children accompanying them. Necessary alien nurses and companions for Americans may also be embarked in accordance with the Department’s 556 of June 1;83 Second, American children with their accompanying alien parents; Third, citizens of the American Republics whose diplomatic representatives [Page 121] have specifically requested assistance in obtaining transportation. United States Lines being advised.

Following telegram dated June 3 from Legation, Lisbon:

“Number of passengers at Lisbon for Washington about 50. Expect others to arrive and think possible full allotment will be filled before arrival of ship.”

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