561.321D1 Advisory Committee/6

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil (Caffery)9

No. 494

Sir: The following resolution was adopted unanimously at the close of the International Cotton Meeting which was in session in Washington September 5 to 9, 1939:

“We, the representatives of the Governments of India, Egypt, Brazil, the British Colonies exporting cotton, the French Colonies exporting cotton, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Peru, Mexico, The Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, and the United States, have considered the world cotton situation and we agree that the regulation of the world cotton supplies in relation to demand would help materially in improving the existing unbalanced condition.

“Normally we would have recommended steps to achieve international agreement for this purpose, but we realize that, under existing international conditions, such a course is impracticable. As an interim measure, therefore, we agree to make the following recommendation to our respective Governments:

“1. That an advisory committee be set up in Washington representing the countries participating in the present conference, and including in addition representatives of other important cotton growing and exporting nations; such committee to undertake the following functions:

  • “(a) To observe and keep in close touch with developments in the world cotton situation.
  • “(b) To suggest, as and when advisable, to the Governments represented any measures the committee considers suitable and practicable for the achievement of ultimate international collaboration.”

The Department of Agriculture states that no word has yet been received as to the designation of representatives of the participating countries on the proposed advisory committee. You are requested therefore to bring to the attention of the appropriate authorities of [Page 26] the Brazilian Government the resolution quoted above stating that this Government would appreciate information as to when the Brazilian Government will be prepared to name a representative on the proposed advisory committee.

In approaching the Brazilian Government, you may state that the same inquiry is being made of all the governments who were represented at the Washington Meeting and that, in accordance with the resolution adopted at that meeting, invitations to appoint representatives to the advisory committee are being extended also to all other important cotton growing and exporting countries.10

For your information, it was the general thought at the Washington Meeting that governments would wish to appoint as their representatives on the committee officers of those governments assigned to posts in the United States, perhaps most appropriately agricultural or commercial attachés.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
Henry F. Grady
  1. Similar instructions, mutatis mutandis, were sent on the same date to the Embassies in Argentina (No. 102), Belgium (No. 147), Colombia (No. 126), France (No. 1817), Mexico (No. 2725), Peru (No. 347), Soviet Union (No. 30), Turkey (No. 427) and the United Kingdom (No. 1062), and to the Legations in Egypt (No. 427), Iran (No. 479), and Iraq (No. 399).
  2. The invitation to appoint representatives to the advisory committee was accepted, in addition to the United States, by Brazil, the British colonies, Egypt, the French colonies, India, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, and the Soviet Union.