812.6363/4424: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Daniels) to the Secretary of State

316. In view of understandings reached at the time, I do not feel that the note of March 26, No. 4512 should be published. In Mexico and when I was at home nearly every oil man with whom I talked urged that the note be printed. Newspapermen here and in Washington claimed to have information that a note had been written and have been persistently asking me about it. I have declined to discuss it and never admitted to them that such a note was in existence.

General Hay said, when we agreed to hold up the note, “I will treat it as not received.” I assented. Under these circumstances, they would feel we had not kept faith if the note is printed. We are in a stronger position to say that from the day of expropriation the Department has insisted in every way to the Mexican Government upon adequate payment.

  1. Not printed.