793.94 Conference/95

Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Wilson) of a Conversation With the British Chargé (Mallet)

I handed Mr. Mallet the aide-mémoire,20 as approved by the President, and told him that we saw no reason why there should be any particular delay in this matter as the Belgian Government could telephone over Europe in an afternoon to get the attitude of the various other signatories. I also told Mr. Mallet that, for reasons that he understood, we did not want this matter presented as a joint suggestion by the British and American Governments.

On Mr. Mallet’s inquiry as to whether we were going to delay action ourselves in notifying Brussels, I said that we would clear the way by a telegram to Mr. Gibson, stating that the British had made this [Page 99] suggestion to us and that we were ready to acquiesce under the assumption contained in the aide-mémoire.

Mr. Mallet said he thought this put us in accord on this matter. He asked whether he could inform his Government that, if the British Government chose to state to the Italian Government that a suggestion that Germany and Russia be invited, would immediately follow Italy’s acceptance of an invitation, such procedure would be agreeable to the American Government. I replied that this did not seem to be a matter on which we had to express an opinion, this was a British initiative and we were acquiescing in it under the assumption mentioned; how the British Government decided to carry out any diplomatic moves to aid in putting their suggestion through was for them to determine.

H[ugh] R. W[ilson]
  1. Not found in Department files, but see telegram No. 53, October 21, 5 p.m., infra.