793.94/9634: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Johnson)

179. Your 504, August 23, 11 p.m.

Please inform Buck that the Department appreciates his having brought to you for transmission the message under reference. Inform Buck that the whole message has been noted by the Secretary of State and a copy is being transmitted to the President; and that the portion (three paragraphs) which relates to financial matters is being communicated to the Secretary of the Treasury. Point out that messages or statements relating primarily or entirely to a political subject, especially such as involve questions of foreign relations, should be channeled through and be handled by the agencies and agents most responsible for the conducting of foreign relations, and that those officials here are the Secretary of State and the President. Also suggest that if Buck is further asked to transmit political messages he should say to the applicant that the United States has an Ambassador in China and the Chinese Government has an Ambassador in the United States, functions of whom are the handling of such messages, and that, while he will be glad to communicate messages to you, such messages, when their substance is matters of foreign relations, should be destined for the Secretary of State and through the Secretary of State for the President.
Please take a copy of the first paragraph of the message to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and, with regard to its substance, state that the Generalissimo is evidently under a misapprehension with regard to the policy and action of the American Government in regard to the present crisis to which the Generalissimo has referred. You will state that the American Government has repeatedly urged upon both the Chinese and the Japanese Governments, through the Ambassadors here of those two countries and through the American Ambassadors in those two countries, that hostilities be avoided and peace be maintained. Call attention to the texts of my statements of July [Page 472] 1664 and August 23.65 Say that from the beginning of the present situation the American Government and the British Government have been in constant consultation; that the efforts which each of the two Governments has made have been along parallel lines; and that it is believed that the efforts of each have been directed toward the same fundamental objective, namely, preservation of peace. Request that if and when any official of the Chinese Government wishes that a message regarding high political policy be transmitted to any high official of this Government, such message either be given to the American Ambassador to China or be sent to the Chinese Ambassador to the United States for communication in first instance to the Secretary of State.