352.1121 Fernandez, Antonio/120: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Bowers), Then in France, to the Secretary of State

407. My telegram No. 401, November 26, 1 p.m.20 Have just received a letter dated the second from Sangroniz21 acknowledging in behalf of Franco my letter to him and that “I am today getting in touch with the competent authorities informing them of the contents of your above-mentioned letter”.

He continues, “For the purpose of making absolutely clear everything relative to the nationality of the interested parties I would appreciate your informing me if, on becoming naturalized in the United States, they had inscribed the pertinent notation of their birthplace in the Civil Register directly or through the Spanish Consul of the place where they became naturalized”.

We assume here that they presented to the court directly either their birth certificate or christening certificate as proof of their birthplace. However, I am submitting the question to the Department.

Since the Secretary’s statement on Bilbao Consulate22 there is evidence that there is some apprehension in diplomatic cabinet lest they have gone too far and that they may relent.

My reply to Sangroniz will be addressed to him personally and signed as you instructed in the case of Franco.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Chief of the Diplomatic Cabinet of the Burgos government.
  3. See Department’s telegrams to the Ambassador in Spain, Nos. B–378, B–382, and B–384, November 15, 19, and 22, pp. 449, 454, 455.